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Wow! This app is amazing! I was nervous to try the new app, but I did. Last month, I made $9350 in extra upsell sales for FREE, whereas another app cost me $399 plus commissions, damn!.
   Also improved brand UX with confetti, founder's note, etc. No other apps have these UX widgets. The support is top-notch, and they even built a custom feature for me. I strongly recommend Dinosell.

Danny g kao, Shopify PLus merchant
One-click post-purchase upsells

Set up one-click post-purchase upsells with ease

Enjoy an ultra-simple way of setting up your post-purchase upsell with our stunning and easy-to-use widgets. Setting up a one-click purchase upsell is never more effortless.

Single & Multiple products Upsell.

Upsell one or many products in style

Easily set up upsell for one or multiple products and capture your customer's attention in the best possible way. Set up your upsells with simple drag-and-drop widgets.

Checkout page upsells

Upsell your checkouts

Set up catchy upsell campaigns with stunning UX at your checkout pages with easy-to-build widgets. Make the most out of your purchase and take your AOV (Average Order Value) to a new level.

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Thank you page triggers

Make your thank you page awesome

Create stylish thank-you pages that compel your customer to buy more. Make your thank you page glamorous with advanced triggers, powerful functions, and simple page builder widgets.

Top-tier customer support

Get support, anytime

Get all your queries and issues answered in no time. Our efficient customer support team is at your disposal, 24x7.

Close integrations

Integrates well with other apps

Are you using other upselling apps? Worry not! Dinosell integrates tightly with other upselling apps like Upsell Funnel Engine. Sync your contacts with email campaign solutions like Klaviyo and Omnisend. Or star review ratings from the "judge me" app.

More Features
Drag n drop page builder

Customize your thank you page effortlessly

Design your checkout, post-purchase, and thank you page with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder. Set your upsell, thank you note, discount coupons, and more with simple widgets

Minute details matter

Fine-tune your product recommendations to the most minute details exactly how you wish. Craft the perfect merchandising strategy by stacking rules together.


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We’re on average 8x cheaper & faster than leading UK high tech businesses.


We’re on average 8x cheaper & faster than leading UK high tech businesses.


We’re on average 8x cheaper & faster than leading UK high tech businesses.


We’re on average 8x cheaper & faster than leading UK high tech businesses.


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Great app, I just love Dinosell! They really know how to add some nice personal touch to your brand's user experience with their confetti and FAQ section. And the support team, they're amazing!. I totally recommend Dinosell

Neil S. Evans, CEO, CosMETICS

I was pleasantly surprised by the app! The customization options for creating a personalized thank you page are fantastic and really help to set your brand apart from the competition. The customer service is top notch.

Daniel D. Cates, CEO, Textile industry

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